With a partner, I worked on an advertising class assignment to create a manifesto, print, and OOH advertisements for a car and its features. We decided to advertise the Toyota 4 Runner and its ability to drive off-road and escape into nature. I worked in the print and OOH advertisement and had fun testing out my Photoshop skills to manipulate the images to play into the humor of our campaign.
4 Runner Manifesto
If you want a car to conquer, the Toyota 4Runner is the obvious choice - a reliable
vehicle for both on and off the road. Sometimes we want more than to just get from point A to point B. The Toyota 4Runner’s 4-wheel drive allows for traction in order to overcome the most challenging obstacles. Release your inner beast and rock crawl up a steep cliff after a long week of deadlines. Get up out of your office chair and take a breath of fresh air. Embrace your inner child and live out the HotWheels off-roading fantasy you’ve always dreamed of. Our car allows you to become one with nature by taking you on the beaten path into places you never imagined. Its loyal, efficient nature makes it possible to create endless core memories, from packing up your longboards for a gnarly day on the surf to loading up your dogs for a sunny day at the park. With this car, the impossible becomes possible. Let the 4Runner take you on the road and “unleash your wild side.”
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